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Graduated in 2006, I worked in several agencies in Europe and in Australia. Sensitive to nature protection, conscious of the construction impact on the environment, I am persuaded that architecture must be rethought and should suggest something other. In 2014, my readings bring me to follow the Permaculture Design Course given by Graeme George at the CERES centre in Melbourne. This course resolutely pledges me to a more sensitive approach focused on human and its environment.

In 2015, I settled in the Lot French Region. I participated to a series of trainees and participatory construction sites in order to meet craftsmen and familiarise myself with materials and ecological craftsmanship that respect traditional buildings. In October 2015, I open my own architectural studio. However convinced that in a constantly moving field, networking is essential and must be fed with crossed reflexions and specialised views, I apply myself to be surrounded with trusted and valued partners.

Since 2018, I work also as Environmental Educator for Earthwatch an International Environmental Charity. 


january 2019 - Positive-Energy and Low-Carbon Buildings :

to anticipate the new Thermal Regulation 2020 with the E+C- Label

Ilot Formation, 31100 Toulouse

october 2016 - Pro-paille Certification

RFCP - French network of Strawbale House Construction, 31500 Toulouse

december 2014 - Permaculture Design Course

Ceres Community Environment Park, Brunswick East 3057 Melbourne

2008 - PHPP - Passive House Thermal Study

Passive House Platform, 7000 Mons

june 2006 - Diploma in Architecture

Higher Intermunicipal Institute of Architecture,  1000 Brussels - Lambert Lombard, 4000 Liege


national registration  - 083133

régional registration  - 02068

CELINE FINZINGER ARCHITECTURE  -  celine@finzinger.com   -  06 59 44 03 02

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