The Reptiland is having a facelift

the Reptiland is having a facelift


Extension and refurbishing of a vivarium


46 600 Martel, France.


The extension will allow the implementation of a demonstration room, of two crocodiles pools and of one lab with its quarantine zone. The structure will be made out of premade insulated (straw and cellulose) timber units reinforced punctually with armed concrete elements. Both existing and new roofs will be extensively planted. Green roofs and the internal compressed mud-bricks walls will - thanks to their mass - minimize the need for air cooling.

The entrance will be set under the archways which represent the body of a coiled cobra. With its strong symbolic figure,  materializing the function of the building, the cobra will reach, at its top, the height of 13,5m. As the site is already on top a hill, the scultpture will, no doubt be seen from far.

The main material used for the outside works is corten steel which with its rusty finish can be easily integrated into the natural environment. To contrast with corten steel, the back faces of the buildings are cladded with charred timber which with its charcoal color seems to merge into the landscape.


Extension 325m²

Existing 600m²


Site Building of the first stage of work in progress : building of the timber deck on poles.